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May I Interest You In A Slightly Used Michael McDonald Tiny Desk Concert? Yah Mo B There Listening Too

I'll be honest with you. I watched this entire fucking 15 minutes. It was terrible. From the first note to the last note, it was one big pile of shit. Michael's voice is gone. It's like a parody of his former voice. His studio is a god damn mess but NPR knows that we have nothing but time so we'll watch this fucking garbage. That's what it is. It's garbage. This is the worst tiny desk concert I've ever seen and I've been subscribed for 3 years and watch nearly all of them. Yuck. This one is balls. Wrinkly trash balls. 

This one is great though. ENJOY!

PS. Slow day at the blogging factory. Everything is fucking about coronavirus and I'm sick of that shit. SICK OF IT. Cant look anywhere and not see it. I wanna ignore it for like 30 minutes. That's it. A 30-minute break from reality would be divine. Blah