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Wisconsin's Governor Is A Jackass: Ordering Residents To Stay At Home, BUT Also To Vote On April 7th

On April 7th the polls will open and residents of Wisconsin are expected to vote in the state's Democratic Primary, all while also ordered to STAY AT HOME by giant dummy, and Governor, Tony Evers, an order that is supposed to last until April 24th because of the current GLOBAL PANDEMIC THAT IS KILLING PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY OLD PEOPLE.



As part of the order, Wisconsinites are only allowed to leave their homes to do essential things, like going to the doctor, the pharmacy or the grocery store. People are allowed to go outside to exercise, but they are required to practice social distancing and keep 6 feet between themselves and others.

Although people don't need permission to leave their homes under the governor’s order, law enforcement agencies do have authority to enforce the order and issue citations. 

Officials at some police departments have said their communities have been following the order and that they have had only a few calls of possibly violations. However, officials at each department stressed that there are consequences if individuals are violating the order.

"They could be looking at up to at least 30 days in jail or up to $250 fine or both," said Green Bay Police Chief Andrew Smith. "But we have not had to do that so far." 

Seems like a bit of a contradiction if you ask me.

Here Tony with a message to his residents, residents which he seemingly cares about, residents who voted him into office to DO THE BEST THING FOR THEM AND THE STATE

Also there is this tweet by Governor Evers just a few days ago….

So, he pretty much admits that HIS state, which has almost 1700 cases, and almost 40 deaths, and who knows how many more coming, cannot tackle the crisis, yet he still wants people to fucking GATHER and vote in a primary. A primary where Joe Biden has a commanding lead and the results are pretty much a foregone conclusion.


Tony's Thought Process: Get out of bed and put a stupid look on face ----->Realize The Pandemic Is Real------>Order ALL Residents to Stay At Home------>Ask President Trump For Help With Crisis Because His State Lacks Resources----->Eat Some Oatmeal------>Force People To Gather & Vote------->Worsen Virus' Impact on State------>Ask For More Help From Government------>Apologize For Killing More People Than Necessary, Likely Including His Friends

All he has to do is say, "You know what, my bad, let's delay the vote", but nope, he surges on..

Many other states, INCLUDING WEST BY GOD VIRGINIA, have delayed their vote, because they are not morons and don't want to kill people, but not Tony!

I MIGHT have a little money riding on this at Predictit , but this is far more important than the measly sum I could win and so desperately need right now, this is about Wisconsin saving lives and not looking less intelligent than West Virginia!!!

Have a great fucking day!