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Gilbert Arenas Rubbing His Balls All Over Swaggy P's Sunglasses Is The Least Surprising Move Ever

I've said it before and I'll say it again. We do not talk enough about the Gilbert Arenas era Wizards. Over the years more and more stories come out and each one is more ridiculous than the last. How could we forget Gilbert Arenas pooping in a teammates shoes

Then there was the time he shot a teammate with a BB gun during the NBA gun awareness meeting

so hearing he took his nutsack and rubbed it all over Nick Young's $1000 sunglasses is the most believable thing I've ever heard. They call him No Chill Gil for a reason. There is no reason to think this is a lie or even an embellishment. This story is pretty much on brand with everything that's ever come out about those Wizards teams. Honestly, with everyone making a documentary nowadays, we NEED one on that era of Wizards basketball. How has that not happened yet? 

Speaking of sunglasses, maybe it's because I'm cheap but dropping a G on some shades seems rather ridiculous. I'm someone who never bought expensive sunglasses because chances are I would always lose them. A few years ago I finally caved and bought some Ray Bans because I think there was a buy one get one deal at the Greendale Mall back in the day and I protected those things with my life. Had a pretty great run with em until recently

and I can tell you there was no chance I replaced them with another $200 pair or whatever. I can only imagine how bullshit I would be if I spent $1,000 on sunglasses and someone snapped them right in front of my face. Rubbing their balls all over them? I could eventually look past that. Wipe them down and just mentally block it out. But man, that would have sent me up a wall to see Arenas break that shit like it was nothing. Tough spot for Swaggy P to be in seeing as how he was a rookie and couldn't say shit. 

I think we can all agree that during this tough time we need as many Swaggy P/Gilbert Arenas/Wizards stories as we can get. What a simply outrageous locker room that must have been.