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Top Fitness Instagram Accounts To Follow During Quarantine

Me too Raven... Me too. 

At the end of this quarantine, some of us are going to be fatter, sloppier, and more sluggish than we came in. Others will take this time as an opportunity to get shredded. If you want to avoid gaining the Covid 19, here are the top IG accounts to follow and use to stay in shape, or just use as a tool for your own self-care.

Variis by Equinox: 

Instagram: @variis

Every day they post an IG live of a fitness class you can take for free from home. It covers everything from cardio like their High intensity intervals or rope conditioning to more mellow like their flow yoga or meditation classes. Must follow for those who are still trying to find a way to keep up with their exercise. 

Remedy Place: 

Instagram: @remedyplace

A new wellness center based out of LA, Remedy Place is hosting IG Lives to teach self care in while we're all cooped up at home, feeling the stress of uncertainty. Stretching clinics, Health and Wellness AMA's, Meditation and sound baths are just some of the classes that they offer. Definitely a place to go if you're looking to get centered. 


Instagram: f45_training

Do you love High-Intensity cardio with a blend of resistance training. The answer is no. None of us do. But it makes us better. One of the best workouts that has an excellent hybrid of both cardio and strength training is F45. It's Functional movements for 45 minutes and the workouts are usually pretty expensive. In the quarantine zone, classes are free online. If you need any added inspiration, Mark Wahlberg credits the workout for the reason he still looks like a Greek god. 

Bar Method PNW: 

Instagram: @Barmethodpnwlive

This dance conditioning studio is putting out live classes at 12:30EST daily. You get 60 minutes of cardio and stretching along with bodyweight resistance using techniques developed in the dance community. I try to pop in as much as I can or even take a class that they've archived from the day before. Definitely worth a try. 

Rumble Boxing

Instagram: @doyourumble

Boxing is a great way to blow off steam and get your mind right when you're feeling a bit tense. Rumble is one of the top boxing gyms in the country and now they're doing daily 30-minute workouts on IG live. Take advantage of this while you can because normally classes are around $30 a session. 

Chelsea Piers Fitness

Instagram: @chelseapiersfitness

Chelsea Piers is an iconic location in NYC. Right now, they're putting on classes on Instagram Live for 30 minutes a day and are then shared on IGTV. Workout times are shared on IG Stories and/or the IG grid. They have classes that focus on mobility, shadow boxing, and barre style workouts as well.  

Barry’s Bootcamp

Instagram: @barrys

This is the page to follow if: You don’t think being asked to do a pushup into a squat, over and over again, is an outrageous request. PS it is an outrageous request but some people out there are such masochists amirite? Is that you? Head on over to their page to find out. 

Basecamp Fitness

Instagram: @basecampfitness

Another Barry's style workout, fraught with burpees and pushups and abs, oh my! Find your inner cross fitter. If you don't have time for their daily workouts posted on live, they also have workouts posted you can do at home on your own time as well.