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Big Ben And Eric Ebron Are Going To Break Records Together

I've changed my tune on the Steelers signing Eric Ebron to a two-year deal. 

Last time I wrote about how I didn't know how to feel about it because I had just watched his abysmal 2019 season up close and personal in Indianapolis, and I felt like it was risky. 

But with great risk comes great reward and now I'm fully confident the Big Ben-Ebron combo is going to break records in 2020. 

One more, one more.


"Have you watched Ebron play?"

"If he can catch what Big Ben throws to him"

"He'll change his tune once he's in the locker room with Big Ben"

Yeah, I know all that shit is coming. Don't care. As forgettable as Ebron's 2019 was, his 2018 was just as memorable if not more. 

13 TDs, a real threat especially in the redzone, and he was gunning for Gronk's touchdown record in 2019 before all hell broke loose and my boy Andy Luck called it quits on a career. 

Ebron is not the kind of guy to handle adversity well. Sorry, Eric. He chirps at people on Twitter. He blames people on Twitter. Last training camp he tweeted back at some random fan at Colts training camp calling him out about how it was Chad Kelly's fault. 

As Cowherd says, "he's got rabbit ears". 

But on the other side of that, when he's got a great quarterback, other pieces around him, and is in a traditionally strong franchise (sorry Detroit), he's thrived. 

He's starting over. He's got a Hall of Fame head coach and quarterback he both wanted him there and are instilling belief in him. 

Calling it now. 

Big Ben to Ebron is going to be LETHAL in 2020 and it can't come at a better time because the Steelers redzone offense was an absolute dumpster fire piece of shit last season.