Joe Exotic's Ex-Husband Calls Out 'Tiger King' Producers & Stunts On Everyone With A Sparklin' Set Of Teeth

Hey all you cool cats & kittens, there's hot news about some big chompers afoot and I'm not talkin' tigers... A tweet has gone viral that makes it seem like one of Joe Exotic's ex-husbands has done a huge makeover with cash from the series. 

Quick side note - Going off the comments it's apparent isolation is getting to people. 

But there was also another little nugget of info in the thread which called out some production tactics. 

Wait, what? Ok let me look into this from a reliable 'Big J' source. 

Ah, here we go. According to TMZ:

John Finlay -- one of the stars of the hit Netflix docuseries 'Tiger King' and Joe Exotic's ex-husband -- has a nice new set of pearly whites … that almost make him look like a different person.

John tells TMZ … he actually got his teeth redone in July 2019 all at once -- they're dentures -- and he's a little miffed at Netflix and the filmmakers because they never showed it.

We're told there's plenty of footage and photos of John fixing his smile but for whatever reason … none of it made the final cut of 'Tiger King.'

Finlay also wants to clarify something about his gnarly teeth -- they weren't the result of meth abuse. Though John admits meth was a drug of choice for him in the doc, we're told his teeth were messed up before that, due to genetic reasons. He told us he has not touched drugs in 6 years.

As for why Finlay's shirtless the entire time he's being interviewed on 'Tiger King' … our sources say that was the idea of one of the producers, and John went with it.

I was wondering why on Earth he'd go along with this stuff but thinking back to the show I bet it was pretty clear to the producers that Finlay was an easy fella to convince at the time….

As for where he's at now it seems Finlay's living a much happier life as a welder in Oklahoma with his fiancee Stormey. 

If you're looking to kill some time he's got a FB page setup where he clears up moments he felt didn't portray him clearly in the show. He's also been making the rounds on media a lot recently from radio stations to interviews with folks like David Spade & Terry Crews. 

As for a Barstool collab? After scrolling the FB page and watching him wrangle a snake with a fishing pole (??)  I think he & YP could do some nice Outdoors stuff.