Leo Hit Up the Miami Strip Club Circuit This Weekend



So after banging that crazy blonde with the yin yang symbol on her perfect ass on his private island on NYE Leo promptly took a private Jet to Miami and went strip clubbing. I don’t even want to know what happened once he got inside. Actually yes I do. I mean it must have just been a cat fight for the ages. Strippers, amateurs and every chick in the club getting in fist fights trying to pay Leo to have sex with them instead of vice versa. An absolute anal free for all. Umbrella life indeed.

On the flip side of that coin The First Lady has been away since Thursday.  I’ve only left my house once and that was to get Tostitos.    I’ve gone Pizza, Pizza, Chinese, Chinese, Pizza, Pizza, Chinese, Chinese.   Tons of porn, TVG and football inbetween.  I don’t hate it.