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Great Husband Called 911 Multiple Times Because His Bitch Wife Threw Away His Beer

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NBC – A Florida man is facing charges after he repeatedly called 911 to report that his wife had thrown out his beer, authorities said. Carlos Bueno Mir, 49, was charged with misuse of the 911 emergency system after calling 911 seven times in four hours, West Palm Beach Police told WESH. Bueno Mir was arrested and released Sunday, Palm Beach County Jail records showed. It was unknown whether he has an attorney. According to police, officers responded to Bueno Mir’s home after receiving one of his 911 calls. He appeared intoxicated and told the officers his wife had “thrown out his beer,” police said. The officers told Bueno Mir his situation wasn’t an emergency and told him not to call 911 unless he had an emergency. But Bueno Mir continued to call 911, and began yelling that someone had broken two of his beers during one of the calls, police said. He was later taken into custody.

Been a crazy day for marriage. First, some guy doesn’t like Frozen so his wife divorced him. Completely justified. Now, these two face the ultimate test. How can he stay married to a chick that throws away his beer? What kind of life is that? How can you look at her in her eyes ever again knowing what she has done? She eliminates all trust in the marriage. What if they have a dog, can he trust her not to throw that away too? It’s not like she slept with his best friend, it’s worse. She took his beer, nay, she took his heart, and threw it in the garbage. What kind of monster does that? There truly is no sanctity in marriage anymore. And can 911 get off their keesters and do something about this? He clearly called back and said she “broke his beers”. Love his move there. If throwing them away isn’t a felony, surely breaking them has to be. She disgusts me.

PS: Not sure how I feel about his mugshot. I think he’s trying too hard to play it cool and it shows. The headlean is a bit too much, seems forced. Like, he’s trying to act too cool for school but in reality he’s really putting up a huge front.