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White Sox Lifer Ed "Farmio" Farmer Dies At The Age Of 70

It sucks that I have to preface the blog by saying this, but this had nothing to do with the pandemic. There had been rumors floating around forever that Farmio was sick, and now we know they we unfortunately correct. One friend told me last night that his body just gave out and couldn't do it anymore. That's truly tragic, and he was only 70 years old.

It's also cliche as Hell right now, but 2020 absolutely sucks. Sure, he might have played for a handful of other teams through out his playing career, but Ed Farmer was a born and bred South Sider that is a White Sox lifer.  Just bled White Sox baseball through and through. The video he narrated last year will really hit ya in the feels if you're a Sox fan:

Now I never had the chance to meet Farmio, but I know plenty of people that did and not one of them doesn't have a story about what a great, great dude he was. I fired up the bat signal on Twitter because I knew there would be a few great tales about him being a legendary good guy out there:

I could go on for days with people's accounts. Just a legendary good guy in every way and if anyone needs further proof, look no further than this brawl in 1980:

A season prior to this fight, Farmio was pitching for the Sox at the time and he hit Detroit's Al Cowens in the face, shattering teeth and his jaw. Cowens didn't forget and sucker punched Farmio so badly that the state of Illinois issued a warrant for his arrest. Farmio  then agreed to drop all charges if Cowens met up with him and shook his hand. That takes BALLS that most men wouldn't have.

Chicago will miss you Farmio. Rest easy my friend.

I fucking hate everything right now.