Are Dildos Essential Items? Well, There’s Basically Two Schools of Thought

Before we get started, some clarification is needed for those who aren’t in the know. Context is necessary. A dildo is a phallic device designed to look like a penis. These dildos can then be used to masturbate (jerk off) a vagina or an asshole. Sometimes the mouth too but that’s usually just a visual thing.

Now, in the case of a pandemic, people DO NOT stop being horny. In fact, dick and genitalia play increase in most cases. How often can you DJ your parts? How often can you digitally manipulate your privates? 100? 200? Impossible to know. I just know that I disagree with this fella. If dildos aren’t essential, nothing is. Ladies deserve to cum too. Never forget that. EVER! Smash the patriarchy: 2-day shipping on dildos.