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David Blaine Blew The Mind Of The Entire Lakers Roster With This Ridiculous Card Trick

I don't know if I like David Blaine or really any magician for that matter. I don't like not being able to understand how something happens and I can't comprehend magic tricks. Just not for me. I'm too stubborn to learn too. So I'd appreciate if he would tell me how the fuck he knocked out these cards correctly. How does one even learn how to do this? Does this work when you're in high school and college trying to pick up chicks? I feel like it'd scare them off. I have way too many questions for David Blaine here. Mostly HOW THE FUCK DOES IT WORK?

That said, the star of this all is JaVale. The man doesn't change expressions once. The man is as baffled as I am. I need a full, in depth conversation with JaVale about this moment: 

No one has ever been more confused in the history of the world than JaVale right here at this moment. The hand gesture, the blank stare. Been there before. Long live JaVale. Fuck David Blaine and this sorcery. I don't want anything to do with magic. We need to ban it all until I can figure it out.