Shin Soo Choo Is Giving $1,000 To All 190 Minor Leaguers In The Texas Rangers Organization To Help Get Through This Shitty Time With No Baseball


Well this is just an awesome move by Shin Soo Choo any way you slice it. There's no way Choo has a relationship with half of these guys. He probably hasn't even met a decent amount yet here he is handing out $1,000 to all of them. 

Now don't go and Google Choo's salary telling me the % of it that is $190,000. I HATE when celebrities make charitable donations and get shit on for not giving more. No one is asking them to do it in the first place! If Choo decided to hold onto his $190,000 for himself no one would be calling him out. Not a soul would utter Choo's name. God forbid someone does a nice thing in this world. $1000 to some of these low end minor leaguers is going to help a lot to alleviate some pressure in the coming months. Anything helps. 

I don't see any big name players doing this right now so maybe it starts a nice trend. A few days ago Jeff Passan announced that Major League Baseball would be giving out $400 a week to minor leaguers. 

That was somehow both good and bad news. Good because there was a possibility minor leaguers weren't going to get diddly squat. Bad because $1600 a month doesn't do much for players paying for rent, food, etc during this time. I made that much money a month when I was a summer camp counselor in high school. It's different when it's MLB rather than Choo because MLB should be looking out for all of their players. There are some guys in really tough spots these days with the unknown in the coming months.

Ideally the owners in the league help chip in as well at some point, but that remains to be seen. For now guys like Shin Soo Choo are looking out for teammates they never knew they had. I love that.