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Quarantine Scaries: Pro Soccer Player Posts An Instagram Not Realizing His Pornhub Tab Is Open


Alright, now we gotta start with the obvious. This could be WAY worse. When I saw the tweets and the headlines I fully expected a tab to be open with the words stepmom or squirting or any of those things that pop up on page 1 of PornHub now. Hell, with everyone at home in quarantine people are probably getting weirder than normal on PornHub. I just assumed the worst here and even expected a box to be open playing it on the split screen. 

That said, this is still everyone's biggest fear during quarantine season. You're doing a little work, you have some alone time, what better time to masturbate? But what happens if you get caught up and forget to close out? You have a zoom meeting or you're posting a 'stay the fuck home' picture and it happens. That little tab stayed open. Because it's 2020, everyone zooms in on every picture to look at every detail. That's how you get caught. 

That in mind, I'm going to defend Timm Klose here. The man is just that - a regular man (or woman). Everyone watches porn! Quite literally everyone. It is hilarious to see it pop up in German. You know that has even more aggressive videos on page 1. So good for Timm Klose. Sometimes you just need to keep that tab open. We're not judging him here for some quarantine PornHub. We encourage it.