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My Quest For COD Warzone Win #1 Starts Tonight

I have been terrible at Call of Duty for as long as I can remember, maybe even Smitty Fortnight season 1 status. My mom wouldn't let me have the games at my house because of violence and as a result I only played sporadically at my friends houses and in college but never enough to get good. Never enough to be someone. I forget to cover myself, have no knowledge of what guns are good for what type of situations besides the super obvious, shotgun and sniper, and have never properly utilized a grenade because most of the time I forget they exist and if I do I usually just blow myself up. Well that ends starting tonight.

 Over the last week, with the help from techguyandrew, I have assembled a proper gaming stream set up, made an account for Pardon My Take, and have prepared myself for the fight of my life. I am just as sad as the next guy that sports are never coming back but have decided that in their absence I will use video games as a vehicle to distract myself with from all the other parts of society I don't like and am going to bring the stoolies along with me. I plan on playing with Smitty, Chuck, TJ, Glenny Balls, MILF Hunter and any other BSS employee who says they are good every single day until I get my first Warzone win. So far I haven't even sniffed victory. Anyway the point of this blog is to let everyone know that I know I suck at COD and I want to use this next month to get as good as I possible can so I don't feel like a total waste of space when this whole thing is over. Giddy up & hop in the chat to give me tips. 

PS - someone needs to get in the chat and explain discord to me because I thought it was some dark web shit but apparently its a thing that Im supposed to be using for audio or something? Idk. 

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