We Are Doing Mom Butts As Voting Opens To Determine The Top College Bar In America (Plus An Appearance From Joe Exotic's Husband)

It is TIME. 

64 bars entered. Only 2 remain. The Wagon Wheel (Kansas) is taking on Sup Dogs (ECU) in the final matchup of the 2020 Barstool Best Bar competition. This has been a cinderella run for The Wagon Wheel, who originally entered into the competition as a 10 seed. Their toughest competition to date will be without a doubt the defending champion, Sup Dogs. Last year, their Mom Butts put them over the top:


Vote on Twitter by tweeting #BarstoolBestBar as well as your bar specific hashtag listed below. Voting ends Friday, 4/3 at 7PM EST.

Kansas is going to have to get their celebs involved especially after Joe Exotic's husband has came out as a Sup Dogs supporter:

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