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Wake Up With John Mayer Announcing A Dustin Pedroia At-Bat In Japan. Huh?

This is the content I need right now. I need Dustin Pedroia in Japan with John Mayer behind the plate announcing. Why is John Mayer sitting here during a game in Japan? Don't know, don't care. Does he know whats going on? Not really. Does he know how to pronounce "Pedroia"? Kind of. How about his trademark call? "And that happened!" Electric. You add him to any broadcasting group in baseball and it immediately gets better. He even sounds a little Brockmeierish, I dig him attempting to call the game by the colors on the scoreboard too, he's trying! I'd love to get Johnny up in the booth with A-Rod and Matty V is baseball ever comes back. John just makes everything cooler.