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"The Juice" Gives His Take On Tiger King

Hey all you cool cats 'n kittens!!! Guess what? I gotta say, I agree with Juice!!! If he thinks Carole Baskin fed her husband to tigers, then Carole Baskin 100000% fed her husband to tigers. No, OJ isn't a forensic detective or anything of that ilk, but who am I to argue with the man who's best known for as being the only running back in NFL history to rush for 2000 yards in a 14 game NFL season? I'm not the biggest brain around town, not by a long shot, but something tells me you have to have some sort of high end intelligence to accomplish a feat like that, so I'm forcing myself believe him. He's just gotta be an expert on shit like this. Right??? Not like he was ever getting tackled and causing CTE or brain trauma so....

Glad to hear you're swinging the sticks well Juice! Stay safe out there!