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Spriiiiiing Breaaaaaak forevaaaaa : Group Of College Kids Fly Back From Cabo and 28- TWENTY EIGHT -Have Coronavirus

AUSTIN, TexasA large group of Austin spring breakers has tested positive for coronavirus after returning from a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, the Austin Public Health (APH) said Tuesday, March 31.

Austin health officials said about 70 people in their 20s went to Mexico on a chartered plane for their spring break trip about a week-and-a-half ago. Part of the group returned on separate commercial flights.

There are 28 young adults on the trip that have tested positive for COVID-19 so far, and dozens more are under public health investigation, Austin Public Health said. Four of the confirmed cases did not present any symptoms. All 28 people diagnosed with the virus are self-isolating and being monitored at this time.

I'll tell you what, the Spring Break 2020 Covid Crew is lucky I got to them before Nasty Nate Dogg. God damn does my guy Nate Dogg hate this motherfucking Coronavirus. If Coronavirus ever crosses Nate Dogg's path it better cross the fucking street, stop in at the nearest grocery store and wipe out the non social distancers saying how overblown everything is.

I don't take the anger route for these stories. I mean everybody knows my biggest trigger is dumb people being fucking dumb and selfish and stupid, but on day 21 of my super isolated quarantine I can't afford to bring any anger into the room. Gotta keep it calm and serene. That's why I just simply, calmly want to start a big long list, maybe a log book, something organized on the internet with a list of names and pictures of the people who are just going out and about because that's what they feel like, and post em up there for a good old public shaming. Those are always effective. But the main purpose would be to have a handy dandy "No Ventilators" list, something to pass around hospitals just in case any of these kids show up in their CABO neon tanks and Hurley board shorts to get their lives saved.  Oh no no no, Bro. Hope it was worth it. Hope you touched at least 1 boob. Honestly a couple of you will probably say it was. Goin' out with an epicccc Spring Break YOOOLLLOOOOOOOO. Only problem is that sweet old lady in the Austin airport terminal only lived once too. What are ya gonna do.

According to an official with Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, the spring breakers took a charter flight from the airport on March 14. The majority of them reportedly returned on a charter flight on March 19. Although they were chartered flights, the travelers did go through the terminals at the Austin airport when they departed and returned to Austin.

Always thought no Cabo drama would ever top the Kristin Lauren and Stephen love triangle.  Turns out it might with the Cabo Covid Crew flying back into America to spread some more death around and murder people. 

Also, JusCollege which I'm assuming is just another StudentCity knockoff. They don't get to skate by here. Email blasting everyone multiple times before the trip bragging about how safe it is with them and how safe it is in Mexico overall, and oh yeah we won't be issuing any refunds ok see everyone on the bus to get their 24 wristbands!

The group was part of a JusCollege trip. In an email sent to travelers before the trip, JusCollege said Mexico had far fewer cases of COVID-19 than the U.S.

"We believe that our travel destinations remain among the safest and most enjoyable places in the world to visit right now," the email from JusCollege said.

In another email just before the scheduled trip, JusCollege told travelers its refund policy would not change "as we have already incurred significant costs related to the trip."

JusCollege: Throw em on the list!