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Watch Wellington the Penguin Get to Visit Some Beluga Whales While His Aquarium Is Closed

I'm not much of an animal guy aside from dogs. I hate the ocean and the thought of all the creatures that live there. But how in the world can you not enjoy watching this penguin get to roam around the aquarium and go meet some beluga whales? Hell yeah, Wellington.

Would I have cared remotely about this content a month ago? Not even a little bit. But I'm just sitting in this house all day desperate to see anything remotely fun. And today, it was Wellington getting to meet whales. I mean, when one of the whales comes up and boops the glass to say hi to the penguin? Come on.

This is at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, the same one where two penguins got to roam around the aquarium a couple weeks ago on a date and do whatever they wanted.

I'm all in on the penguin content from the Shedd Aquarium. As long as we're all quarantined, give me all the penguins. However, my colleague Chief does not feel the same way.

I mean absolutely inexcusible behavior. I am to believe that these penguins are on a date or is Edward about to murder Annie? It's really hard to know. You can also see them looking at the glass tank. All the fish and sting rays swimming by all locked up in their aquatic prison while the worst species in the animal kingdom is allowed to waddle their sexual deviant asses all over the rotunda free as a bird? They're probably taunting their neighbors. Telling them how the humans fed them their fish cousins for lunch and are now walking around like they own the place. FUCK penguins. Throw them in the tank with the Beluga whales and see what happens. That is the fate they deserve.

Well joke's on him, because it only took two weeks to prove the belugas would be friends with the penguins. Bring me more Shedd Aquarium penguin content.