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Ice-T's "New Jack Hustler" Blows Away Anything You Hear Today

(This is the explicit version.)

I was listening to Sirius radio when Ice-T's classic "New Jack Hustler" came up on LL Cool J's Rock the Bells channel (43). Automatic station switch for that banger. The song was on both T's album O.G. Original Gangster and the excellent NEW JACK CITY soundtrack.

Then about minute later, this Tweet just happened to pop up in my feed because everything we say is listened to like Lucius Fox in THE DARK KNIGHT.


I took it as a sign to share this absolute banger with the masses. And if you have a couple of hours to kill (of course you do, no doy) then check out NEW JACK CITY. It stars Wesley Snipes as a NYC drug kingpin during the bloody and violent crack era that ruined so many lives. The movie also featured not only Ice-T's tune but him playing a NYPD detective in a performance that got noticed and likely led to his role on "Law and Order". Chris Rock pops up in an unforgettable appearance as "Pookie".

Check below to see where you can stream it...