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Absolute Sheetzshow: Argument Over Coughing Leads To Shots Fired In Gas Station Parking Lot

Well, we're about one month into this thing so this seems about right...

From Lehigh Valley Live

Amid the coronavirus, a mere uncovered cough can trigger gunfire.

As WJAC-TV reports, it happened at a Sheetz on Broad Street in Johnstown, Pa., where one man was allegedly outside the store and coughing -- but not covering his mouth.

A second man complained to the coughing man about the coronavirus and told him to cover his mouth. This CDC-approved health advice apparently didn’t go over well.

According to police, further words were exchanged outside the Sheetz, and the coughing man eventually got a handgun and fired at the other man’s car.

Ah, a good old fashioned Sheetzshow in the parking lot. Apparently the man who pulled his gun was nicked by the other man's car first, but they are both absolute morons for letting it get to that level, especially with other people around. At this point I'm just really looking forward to things getting back to normal… back to when the only fights at a Sheetz are between hammered college students and townies at 3am over someone taking some else's Shmagel Shmelt. 

This would NEVER happen at a WaWa. But just do me a favor and don't look into that claim.