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Snapchat Has Created A New Filter To Help You Practice Social Distancing


SNAPCHAT has created new lenses intended to help users who are social distancing.

The tech giant is said to have worked with the World Health Organization as the world continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic.


Another of the new filters is called "My Social Distance".

It shows an augmented reality representation of how far a user should be from other people around them.

This can be used while people are walking outside.

It will allow you to see if other people are too close to you.

It's honestly pretty cool to see so many big companies turning their focus to preventing the spread of COVID-19 by making masks, hand sanitizers, donating large amounts of money to vaccination research, etc. 

I'm not quite sure we needed an augmented reality circle from Snapchat though. I'm not here to slander companies trying to help out with Coronavirus, that would just be silly. However, does this really help? A little AR circle that turns red if someone passes you on the street? I feel like by now everyone knows the six feet rule for social distancing. I'm pretty confident that people are able to eyeball that amount fo distance. 


All you have to do is just stay away from people, I'm not sure we need a Snapchat filter for that. Like do I really have to scroll past the fucking dog filter to find out how to properly social distance myself? A little wild if you ask me. Maybe I'm just used to being a recluse so I know how to appropriately distance myself from others, it's what I do.

Even if this was some glorious idea that people would actually use, what are they supposed to do should they see their green circle (proper social distancing) turn orange (bad social distancing)? I'm genuinely not sure. I'd probably see it turn orange and not really be affected. I'd just transition into a brisk walk of sorts. I can imagine scenarios where people freak out because someone enters their distancing circle, turning it orange. It would be fucking terrible. I feel like it has a high potential to just turn into screaming matches in the middle of grocery stores. 

But again, I'd never be in a situation where'd I'd actually use it. If I was to be out walking the streets - won't actually happen - I'd just give it a good ole eyeball test. If you see someone coming you're way, avoid them, it seems pretty simple to me. Then again, what do I know? It honestly just better if we all just stay inside, that way we don't have to worry about imaginary circles telling us whether we are assholes or not. If you have to go outside just take the correct precautions. If using the Snapchat created social distancing helps you get through that, then go right ahead. No one's stopping you, you'll just look a little odd constantly staring at your phone when you could easily just look up and be aware of your surroundings.

PS - went to the grocery store yesterday with my mother because she kindly asked me to. There I was checking if there was any bbq chicken left at the hot food section (there wasn't). I totally forgot for a moment that we were in the middle of a global pandemic and accidentally got a little too close to a stranger. He shot me a dirty look - rightfully so - and I had realized what I had done. I've never felt like a bigger scumbag in my entire life.