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Watching This Vintage Celtics Dance Battle Is Exactly What The Doctor Ordered

Once you get past the fact that this was clearly filmed with a potato, man was this the type of random video I needed to see today to help lift my spirits. Here's a live look at yours truly when Pierce screams CELTICS FOR LIFEEEEEEE 

Yeah I'm tearing up, so what. We're on Day 22 without Celtics basketball so what do you expect, times are extremely emotional and I apologize for nothing. Don't judge. For those who are unable to make out the participants we have Shaq, KG, Nate Robinson and Big Baby which tells you this was from the 2010-11 season, a team that won 56 games (we can end it there, no need to talk about what happened in the second round because this is a positive blog). Shaq busted out some of his patented moves which we'd seen before reminding us that he's clearly one of the best dance battle players in the league

and if we're being honest things really started to go off the rails once Shaq started fondling Big Baby's man boobies but that's a no brainer move if you're Shaq. KG's dance moves were "meh" at best but no chance was anyone going to call him out on it, that man is terrifying. 

Maybe it's my simple brain, but that 1 minute video was exactly what I needed. A nice reminder of a time when things weren't so shitty, the Celts were awesome and team chemistry was off the charts. Granted I'll always wonder what might have been if Shaq never got hurt that year because man was that a fun team