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A Woman (Rightfully) Divorced Her Husband Because He Doesn't Like Frozen

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Cosmo – It turns out not everybody wants to build a snowman. A woman in Japan has asked her husband for a divorce because he admitted that he didn’t like Frozen. The wife, 29, became entranced by the Disney musical and made several trips to the cinema without her 31-year-old other half. He initially resisted her offers to come and see the musical, but realizing she wouldn’t let it go, he relented and came along to see the box office hit. At university the husband had studied Danish Literature, so the fact that Hans Christian Anderson’s tale The Snow Queen served as inspiration for Frozen would suggest he’d embrace the film. Not so. According to Japanese website Kikonsha no Hakaba (which ominously translates to “The Gravesite of Married People”), he reviewed the film to his wife thusly: “It’s an OK movie, I guess, but I didn’t really care for it personally. “Do you really think it’s that good?” “If you can’t understand what makes this movie great, there’s something wrong with you as a human being! I want a divorce!” his wife replied, presumably turning away to slam the door. Now, the couple’s six-year marriage appears to be over. She has moved back in with her parents, who are acting as the intermediary for the estranged pair. Tragically, it looks like love will no longer be an open door for this couple.

There’s never been a more reasonable reason for divorce than this crouton not liking Frozen. It’s a god damn masterpiece. What else doesn’t he like, mac and cheese? Playoff hockey? Fuck that guy, fuck him with the force of 1,000 Svens. He’s absolutely the biggest idiot in the world. You can’t stay married to someone who has such bad decision making. Look, some people are worth melting for, and this guy definitely was not worth her melting for. He’s a moron.

PS: I’ve been talking about this with my Twitter friends the last couple of days, but Elsa is such a bitch. How hard would it have been to just have a quick talk with her sister about her powers, and that is that? But no, she totally shuts her sister out of her life, won’t build a snowman with her, refuses to even talk to her after their parents died, and then builds a 300 foot killer snowman to almost kill her when all she wanted to do was chat with her. It’s preposterous that Anna STILL jumped in front of a sword to save Elsa…and then was like “it’s all good!” after that. They went like 15 years of not talking, Anna sacrificed her life for Elsa, and people still like Elsa? It’s ridiculous. Team Anna all day, every day.

PS: When Elsa lets her hair down and has that blue dress on during Let It Go, holy cow.