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Jamie Benn Is Still Trapped In The Friend Zone By Blake Wheeler Despite Asking To Fight Him 20 Times In A Game

There's nothing more devastating than a guy who just can't simply take a hint. All Jamie Benn wants to do is go to town on Blake Wheeler. He's basically a Blake Wheeler simp at this point. But time and time and time again, Blake tells him they're better off as just friends. It breaks my heart to see. 

Especially because it would be an unreal tilt. Both guys are a couple of big boys who can clearly chuck some bombs, and there would be a combined 1450 career points between the two of them. Which could definitely be some sort of record if it weren't for the fact that Jamie Benn seems to love getting himself into tilly's with some legendary names. Here he is dropping them with Joe Thornton and Jarome Iginla. 

But Wheeler also likes to get after it with some big time legends as well. 

Both guys are the definition of old time hockey. Just a couple of absolute horses who have the ability to flip their hands from silk to bricks. I just hope Blake Wheeler is happy with himself of robbing us all from getting to witness that. Only issue is now that this is out for everybody to hear, I don't want them to just drop the gloves off the first faceoff the next time they play against each other. A staged fight like that would feel a little dirty. We deserve the real thing. So let's just sit here and pray that we get a Stars vs Jets playoff series at some point in the near future.