Seeing The United Center Transformed Into A Food Bank Is Jarring

I watch a lot of War documentaries. More now than ever. When you read or watch things about World War II they use the term "total war" a lot. Rationing of goods, nationalizing of resources, etc. They'd turn Ford Motor plants into production facilities for Jeeps and tanks. They'd turn other factories into artillery shell production. It was all hands on deck at all times. For the first time ever in our lifetimes it kind of feels like that. The United Center is a strong example of "total war" mentality against the covid-19 outbreak. The ice has been ripped up, the floor boards put away, and it's been replaced by wooden pallets and non-perishable goods. I watch the news every day. I see the briefings, I see the charts, I read the reports. My little brain is aware of the situation, obviously, but there's something about seeing our stadium repurposed for the fight against corona that slaps me in the face about how dire things are. Credit to Reinsdorf and the Wirtz Family for getting involved in a very real way. Hopefully this is a way to both help the community and keep people busy and employed. Giving people a sense of self-worth and purpose during these times are also immensely important while the economic shutdown is taking that from so many people. Be safe out there. Help people if you can. Even if it's sending a text that says "heyhowyadoin". Hopefully the UC will be shaking as Big Jim hits us with the greatest National Anthem over lifetime this summer. I would show up just for that alone when we are given the all-clear to return to normalcy. If you're starving for it, here it is.