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London Man Dresses Up Like a Bush to Escape Lockdown

It's been just over a week since Boris Johnson, British PM, put London on strict lockdown rules in an effort to stop the spread of the virus, and to help sell these sweet #LOCKDOWNTURNUP T-shirts from the Barstool Store.

(All proceeds go to Meals on Wheels to help feed the elderly in this time of need.)

Bro-is, Corona-ridden himself, is still standing at the helm and leading his people via what looks like televised Tea Time from his 'Flat' in London. Only displaying mild symptoms himself, Boris is still taking major precautions to protect Britain... especially its cybersecurity.  

The Lockdown in London is one of the strictest being enforced right now, forcing people to get really creative in desperate times.  

A couple from Stevenage, inside the UK, caught that footage of their neighbor making a daring attempt to stock up on necessities. Streets in London have been limited to delivery vehicles and those deemed essential workers as well. Clearly a nonessential worker and probably some sort of hunter by day/creeper by night kind of guy, this brave soul can be seen wearing a full-blown bush costume, blending in perfectly with the neighborhood shrubbery in order to make his valiant escape. The videos are worth the watch as he scurries from place to place and waits for a truck to pass by. Who knows where this guy is off to, but let's just hope it's not outside someone's window for a quick crank.

Either way, here's just another example of a hero bringing us the laughs we need in these weird times, so hats off to 'em.  

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