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47. Look On The Bright Side, You Didn’t Get Truck Sticked By A Goat On Your Way To Work This Morning Like This Guy




Having a rough day?  Maybe you woke up late and your boss is gonna be mad at you because you’re always late (fuck him).  Or you went to bed angry after a fight with your significant other about something you don’t even remember because it was that stupid.  Or you spilled coffee all down the front of yourself and now have stains and third degree burns on your chest.  Whatever shitty thing happened to you this morning, it doesn’t come close to the shitty thing that happened to this guy.  Just walking down the street, minding his own business when the Lawrence Taylor of goats comes out of fucking nowhere and railroads him.  If this had taken place a few short years ago when society didn’t realize just how terrible concussions were the ESPN studio guys would be yelling “He got JACKED UP!” to video.  Because he did get jacked up.  Body rumbled and tumbled like a rag doll.  But on the bright side of getting hit by a goat he probably didn’t have to go to work that day.  Worth it.


PS- This video is more evidence of how great it is living in America.  We don’t get run over by goats or livestock here for the most part.  Even here in Iowa people don’t get run over by livestock very often.  But even if Iowa people do get hit by wild animals I don’t have to worry about that much longer because I’m moving to New York.  And by “moving to New York” I mean I’m staying in a 2 star hotel with Handsome Hank for a few days next week.