Wake Up With The 4 Gallon Water Jug Riddle From Die Hard With A Vengeance

We have to keep our minds sharp during this quarantine, so John McClane and Jesus Zeus are here to enhance your medulla oblongata by answering an age riddle. You will almost definitely forget how to get to EXACTLY FOUR GALLONS as soon as you leave this blog. But it won't matter because knowledge is power and your brain will have Leveled Up before you finished your morning coffee.

I don't know how, but it gets completely overlooked that John McClane not only saved the world's economy back in 1997 but he did so while fighting a massive hangover. MJ's flu game ain't got shit on Die hard With A Vengeance. Simply solving this riddle with a huge headache is more impressive than what Michael Jordan did in Utah while "under the weather" (wink wink) in what wasn't even an elimination game.

P.S. It wouldn't shock me if there was a third Gruber brother that was responsible for this entire coronavirus bullshit and is set to profit off it immensely. The world needs a real life John McClane ASAP.