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If Nickelodeon Was Smart They'd Show These Old Game Shows During Its NFL Wild Card Game

So yesterday news broke about this. Clem talked about Nickelodeon showing one of the new NFL Wild Card games, that you can read about here. But then I saw this tweet by our own Jeff Lowe (not the Tiger King one) and it really got me thinking about old school gameshows on Nick. 

If they were smart and want to draw in even more eyes, they'd show an old gameshow at halftime. Why? Because we already have a halftime show. I don't need to see Michael Strahan (love the guy and him winning a Super Bowl for my Giants) and Terry Bradshaw talk. I need to see something that will really entertain me. These talking heads have gone by the wayside a bit thanks to Twitter. We can see analysis all game if we really want just by following along on social media. 

Hell, don't want to do it halftime? Do it pregame and postgame. You'll keep eyes on the channel until the next game starts. Everyone is all hung up on 90s nostalgia so bring some of that shit back. Not only that, but these shows still hold up! Here are the top-5 game shows they need to have on: 

5. Wild and Crazy Kids

A staple back in the day. If you want to show an updated version tie in to football related activities. Bingo, bango there you go. Wild and Crazy Kids was just one of those shows that everyone watched, but no one ever had in their top-3. 

4. Figure it Out

Now we start getting into the heavy hitters. A true Mt. Rushmore of Nick game shows that you can argue in any order in the top-4. Again, just a perfect show you can either re-show or adapt to present day. It's a panel show. Get former NFL players on this and you keep the theme alive. No-brainer, especially when you throw in the secret slime.

3. Double Dare

One caveat here is this has to be hosted by Marc Summers. There's no debate about that. You either show episodes with Marc Summers or have him host the new ones. How to make it current? Add a NFL athlete with a kid. This is all simple marketing. You want kids to start watching NFL? Toss this on at halftime of the Wild Card game. I don't know one person in our 30s that never imagined competing in a physical challenge of Double Dare. Oh and the obstacle course. If it wasn't for the next two shows that would be talked about way more. 

2. Guts

Shout out Mike O'Malley. What a career this guy has had and by that I mean Yes, Dear is such an underrated show and he's one of the best hosts of all time on Guts. We need more Mike O'Malley in our lives. Was there anything more iconic than the Aggro Crag? That has to be a top-1 iconic course, event, whatever you want to call it on TV. I'd love to watch Guts on a regular basis right now - not even just at halftime of this Wild Card game. 

1. Legends of the Hidden Temple 

Without a doubt the GOAT Nick game show. Everything about this was legendary. The team names - shout out Blue Barracudas and Green Monkeys. Also if you were a kid and didn't jump a bit whenever a guard jumped out during the Temple Run, you're just a liar. Good news is, they are already talking about bringing this back! Gotta think the biggest no-brainer in the history of no-brainers is to show the first episode at halftime.