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Wake Up With David Wells Wearing Babe Ruth's Hat During A Game

I think people actually forget that David Wells purchased, and proceeded to wear Babe Ruth's actual hat in a game. I think it's an awesome move, but Joe Torre didn't. Torre fined Wells and made him take off the hat during the game. What a laugh out loud conversation that must have been.

Torre - "David, is that Babe Ruth's hat?"

Wells- "Absolutely it is. I paid $35,000 for it."

Torre - "Take that shit off right meow."

Torre fined Wells $2,500 for it and Wells paid every dollar of that fine in $1 bills. It is a shitty looking hat, the logo is all small, it prob smelled like crap, and definitely was hot as hell. I do love that Wells said fuck it and decided to rock it in honor of Babe. He's a huge baseball nerd, so this was probably really cool for him too. But shame on Joe Torre for ruining all the fun.