Apparently Kendrick Perkins Had His Credit Card Declined Because His Kids Spent SIXTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS On Fortnite

What in the living hell? How do you spend $16,000 on a game? I'm so confused by this. Also imagine getting that call from Kendrick Perkins aka dad. Every single person has been there. Done something you shouldn't have, spent a little too much money, whatever, you know the sound of dad getting pissed. The tone changes, perhaps you get middle named too (although that's more of a mom thing) and if you're a son he likely calls you a moron multiple times. 

But here's the thing. Remember Perk's kid? He's a monster


In most scenarios I'd say good luck as a father telling this monster of a kid to listen, but most dads aren't Perk. That's a showdown in the post I'd watch. You want to settle up a 16k Fortnite bill, come catch these elbows in the back when you're trying to back me down. 

I will say this is the first time I felt like a dad because I agree with Perk. Listen, I love video games. But I only play sports video games and racing games. I don't know Fortnite. When he said 'skins and things like that. I don't even know what skins are,' I started nodding along. Like yep, same here. Probably the first time I truly felt like a washed dad like the person I am. I had to reach out to Smitty about what this is. Apparently it's just clothes for your character and shit like that. It doesn't even help you in the game! You want to buy $16,000 worth of clothes you better have multiple pairs of Jordan III's and a nice suit that you know, YOU can wear. 

Really hope that Perk didn't name any of his kids the same name as him. That's just going to be a problem going forward. I remember that when I was in college I had an 'emergency credit card', essentially one just to use in case my car broke down driving to/from Kentucky back home to Pennsylvania. But, being the shithead college kid I was, I would sneak in a couple cases of beer at Speedway thinking I'd get away with it. That didn't work. Luckily it was like $9.99 for a case of Natty in Lexington and not SIXTEEN THOUSAND dollars on Fortnite. 

PS: Tony Allen sitting there laughing cracks me up every time. He loves it. 


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