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I Hiked Many Miles To HQ Today For A Laptop Charger And All I Got Was This Lousy Charger And Everyone's Valuables

Enjoy this video of the journey I made on iMovie which I just learned was on my phone and is the most advanced video editing I've ever done:

If you don't feel like watching the whole thing I'll save you the trouble and show you how hot I looked at the end:

Ah-YIKES! ha ha. Anywho! Once I got to HQ it was a free-for-all. I went for the first laptop charger-cord I saw which I believe happened to be $20 Chef's. Then whatever else I could grab went into the hiking pack & my beloved Coleman Cooler backpack. (People had some really nice whiskey's & wines at their desks. Idiots.) Now I'm sitting here sipping a Macallan Rare Cask and trying on CITO's jewelry pieces. Delight. 

Alright, alright, I didn't steal anything besides the charger cord and one watch (sry Willie). But I thought if I threw you off you might forget to shame me for leaving my apartment & going into our building. The coronapolice have hounded me enough already today... 

All I can say is that I weighed the pros & cons and decided being alone in my apartment with no computer for several days (until the one I ordered arrives) panicking about not doing any work or my podcast was a bleak prospect for my already wavering mental health. Plus I had told Brandon Walker I'd do Walk The Line in the afternoon and I didn't want to miss it because I had some good jokes about his tits lined up.

I knew that if I hoofed it I could easily avoid people, not touch anything and burn off the enormous amount of cheese, Reeces Puffs and ice cream I've been housing. I would be smart about it & careful. Off I went.  

Overall between there & back I think I walked a little over 9 miles & it was around 1:35min each way (Hello, dorky speed-walker here). I've always loved hiking and have stupid endurance for some reason so it was fine. On the way back I put on my favorite songs & enjoyed the breeze in my frazzled, bleach-burned hair. I think that's my version of meditation.

Anyways here's a map for reference to make the blog longer which I know everyone really loves. This isn't exactly where I live but my walk most closely followed the gray path. Once I hit Manhattan I just zigged and zagged down whatever streets were emptiest. 

And wow... they were EMPTY. Here's some of the photos I took on the journey. Cue the line about 'how eerie it is': 

In closing, in a way these empty streets are a good sign. It's terrible that all this is happening to say the least, but people are really taking it seriously here and looking out for each other. Also, I'm praying that all that walking tired me out enough that I go to bed before 3am tonight. I would be thrilled with 2am at this point. :: sigh :: On that note, gonna go eat 25 Hershey Kisses and then wonder why I'm wired. Goodnight!