It Would Be A Downright Travesty To Not Mention That 25 Years Ago TODAY An American Masterpiece Was Released

Just wanted to quickly talk about the anniversary of an absolute American masterpiece. Tommy Boy. It was released 25 years ago today, which is somewhat insane to think about. Just one of those movies that holds up still to this day and is in my top-2 of all-time (along with White Men Can't Jump). It's one of those movies that EVERYONE knows. There are so many classic lines from 'who is your favorite Little Rascal?' to 'brothers gotta hug.' to 'everyone goes to school for 7 years. Yeah, they're called doctors.' It's all gold. 

And the cameos. Ohhh, the cameos and supporting roles. You obviously HAVE to start with Rob Lowe. There is no better mid-90s 'bad guy' look than Rob Lowe in this. 

Then you had Bo Derek


But the best cameo of it all was Dan Akroyd as Ray Zalinsky. 

I still remember being able to watch this for the first time. Was I too young for all the jokes? Yep! But back in the day you did what any kid would you do. If you saw someone older than you that lived in the neighborhood laughing, you laughed and nodded. It's still a go-to move. 

To this day I don't know if there is a better best friend duo on screen than David Spade and Chris Farley. Sandler has his guys obviously and shit, Sandler is clearly part of the Spade/Farley crew. But they were never best friends on screen. Even to this day, there's no one that has the perfect chemistry than those two. Not a hot take by any means, but man, what I'd do to still be able to watch new Chris Farley movies.