Basement talk: The top 5 90's NBA players not named Michael Jordan

It was another ranking spectacular tonight on Basement Talk, as I hid from my wife in the basement by talking for over an hour with my best friends from Barstool. I also listed top fives for 22 more topics.

The top fives tonight are:

PS2 sports games

Ninja Turtles

Denzel Washington movies

Intercontinental champions

Heisman Trophy snubs

Gaming systems

Top 5 wrestlers that never won the world title


Standup comedians

Favorite 80's musical artists

Plays in NCAA 14

Potato chip flavors

90's NBA players not named Michael Jordan

90's country songs

Most disappointing sports movies


What if Players

Sitcom characters

Food Network stars

Famous people with the initials "BW"

90's sitcoms

Jim Carrey movies