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Recapping Week 9 of The Masked Singer - HINT: I was right again.

We have made it to the playoffs of The Masked Singer! Who says sports are dead? The competition is RIGHT HERE. We've made it to the final 9 contestants. Let's get into it.


Panelist Picks: Drew Lachey, Brian Littrell, Chris Evans.

My Pick: Former teen heartthrob Jesse McCartney. Moving On. 



Panelist Picks: Amber Rose, Leann Rimes.

My Picks: We haven't seen Kangaroo in 6 weeks given she was in Group A. I'm still going to say this is Jordyn Woods. Three cheers for Jordyn with a Y! 

White Tiger

Panelist Picks: JJ Watt, Gronk, Joe Manganiello. 

My Pick: It's GRONK. 



Panelist Picks: Vanessa Hudgens, Emma Roberts, Avril Lavigne, Nicole Richie.

My Picks: Sarah Hyland or Lucy Hale. After doing some research it could be Jackie Evancho but she's already an established singer so what is the point?? Whoever this is, they have some real COURAGE covering Celine Dion. 


Panelist Picks: Brett Michaels, Brad Paisley, 

My Pick: Guys, I need this to be Brett Michaels. I have a soft spot for celebrities finding love on VH1 in the mid 2000s and Brett is everything of the sort. 



Panelist Picks: Sisquo, Omarion.

My Pick: This is Bow Wow. I'm not going to argue about it. Not that anyone cares enough to argue with me but the point still stands.

Night Angel

Panelist Picks: Oprah, Brandy, Tamar Braxton. 

My Pick: It's still Kandi Burruss. Stop DMing saying that it's Monica. 



Panelist Picks: Derek Jeter, Vince Gill, Duff McKagan. 

My Pick: Stoolies told me it was Barry Zito. I trust y'all. 


Panelist Picks: JC Chasez, Ryan Tedder, David Archuleta. 

My Pick: HUNTER HAYES. If I could ~legally~ put money on this I would. 


White Tiger is going home. We all know he was the worst singer but he wasn't afraid to have fun so we kept him on as long as possible. Time for the big reveal. 

GRONK. We are now entering week 6 of correct predictions. I've guessed 7 out of 10 correctly and I feel pretty good about that. See you next week. I am The Masked Singer QUEEN.

ps I went live on Twitter last night to watch the last 10 minutes of the show. I think I may do it again. Y'all had lovely questions! Stay tuned. <3< p>