NYC Momfluencers Are Being Called Out For Leaving NYC Due To Possibly Spreading Coronavirus Throughout The Country

I'm sure you've seen the video above by now. Hubbs blogged it a few days ago. KMarko and Carl discussed it yesterday on Twitter. Little back in forth while in quarantine. What Barstool is all about. 

The video above focused on the infamous 2020 Spring Breakers. Nobody will be remembered like those degenerate college kids who just couldn't not go on spring break (I would've done same thing). The good news is we are pretty much done with the spring breakers. We've moved onto Momfluencers. Yes, you read that correct.....momfluencers. 

We start with Taza. 

You can go through all the comments for yourself, but people were not happy that Taza was hopping in an RV to go west. 

At least Taza can say, "I'm not the only one." 

Enter Inspiralized. A normal post for her receives 30-70 comments. The post above? 1200 comments. 

This is momfluencers armageddon, folks. 

Inspiralized is making stops along the way, to make sure they spread the Coronavirus one state at a time. 

Some people just like to see the world burn. I just didn't expect it to come out of the momfluencer community.