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Inmates in Florida Will Now Be Used To Walk Dogs...Hmmmm...


HP – Forget about working on the chain gang or making license plates; some inmates in Florida could repay their debt to society with a pooper scooper. Under a new proposal to help dogs in Brevard County’s shelters, Sheriff Wayne Ivey offered to allocate inmates to walk the caged animals. Concerns recently surfaced that the homeless pups weren’t getting enough exercise due to a lack of volunteers, according to Florida Today. Officials in the central Florida county had been wrestling with ways to make sure the dogs are sufficiently walked. “I just think it’s a fundamental right” for dogs to get walks, said County Commissioner Trudie Infantini to Florida Today. Inmates in county jails are being trained how to handle dogs, station WFTV reports. Only nonviolent offenders are being selected for the assignment. Inmates have already been used to clean the shelters, the Associated Press reprots.

Hmmm, interesting. Inmates being used to walk dogs. I feel like I’ve seen this story before, just in a slightly different way. Can’t quite put my finger on it though. It’s right on the tip of my tongue. (T-O-N-G-U-E). Let me see if I can place it…so while the owners of the dogs abandon them, perhaps to travel city to city, these inmates who don’t go outside all day and sit there and do the same thing all day every day, will now be used to walk dogs. It’s a very interesting concept. Good for the dogs though, but those inmates are suckers.