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The Governor Of California Brought In Larry David To Give A PSA About Staying Away From People During The Coronavirus Pandemic

There have been different levels of Oh Shit moments during this outbreak when you knew things were bad. Every sport in the country getting cancelled. The stock market nose diving straight to hell. New York City looking like an I Am Legend scene. Pretty much every time we get an update on the news here in New York.

But once Governor *Opens Google*

Newsom got LD in front of a camera to ask a bunch of people how to act was the official moment this became real for a bunch of people across the country that is not in the middle of this daily nightmare and don't want to stay at home because of what they see on the news. 

But Larry David giving a PSA about public health is like Mo Rivera coming in before the 9th. Only Break In Case Of Emergency type of stuff. The face of social distancing. Larry didn't have to tell us he was put up to this video, because we already knew he'd rather do anything else than be a face of a PSA just like we already knew he went off the script with the plumbing emergency stuff at the end because he truly believes in it. 

So if you aren't listening to doctors or politicians or pretty much anyone else in the country, listen to the last person on Earth who feels like being the voice of a cause and stay the fuck inside. This could be our greatest hour and it requires literally zero effort.