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Tonight Is The Premiere Of Our Barstool Sports Corona Virus Game Show - "Social Distancing"

This is our best quarantine idea yet coming from the KFC Radio camp. Tonight is the debut of our nightly game show - Social Distancing. The first ever Barstool game show to help get our fans through a pandemic quarantine. We've designed a nightly live stream to take place on Social media to see which Stoolie contestants can go the Distance. With 2 fans competing nightly in mental, physical, and comedic challenges, we'll crown a winner every evening while entertaining the masses and hopefully raising money for healthcare workers who need all the support they can get during these trying times. So each night 2 readers/listeners of Barstool Sports will square off in contests such as Shelter In Place, "Heard" Immunity, and Flattening the Curve. Each of these games will challenge contestants to compete in their apartments via a live stream with me and Feits hosting, using things around your apartment and your Quarantine Brain in order to recreate popular TV game show segments and try to defeat each other in the process. The winner will receive our Social Distancing Club hoodie, as well as a gift card to the Barstool Sports store - along with massive exposure to your social media handle and you can rest easy at night knowing that you also are donating to the cause to fight Corona Virus. 

So heres the deal - we have set up the donation page in order to qualify to become a contestant. You have to donate $1 to become eligible to compete. ($1.36 to handle the processing fee - this is completely standard for all fundraisers to include a processing fee because these types of initiatives cant just happen for free out of thin air and you need a service to handle the fundraiser, so thats just how it goes. I dont want to hear it.) You can, of course, donate more money if you'd like. At the moment we are donating money to DirectRelief.org, which donates money towards healthcare workers on the front lines fighting Corona. We also saw Camille Kostek and a group of women are working on a fundraiser to help manufacture and distribute masks to nurses and doctors, which I feel is the most tangible charity effort thus far. So we might end up putting money towards that. I know Bethany Frankel has been engaged in a charity like that as well. Basically whichever organization is best suited to get masks to nurses, thats where we want this money to go. As always, we've done this a thousand times before, you know the money is in good hands.

So, donate money know, and leave your email and/or your social media contact. We then will pick two people to participate in tonights stream. Nick and Brendan will email you with a link to enter the livestream at 7:30pm EST tonight, where we will be airing the first episode of Social Distancing. We'll introduce the contestants, chop it up a bit, and tonight's inaugural challenge will be Shelter In Place - a Super Market Sweep-esque showdown.