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Doctor Uses Pimps & Hoes to Explain Corona in Terms We Can All Understand

Is anyone else confused what the Coronavirus actually does to you? I mean it seems like every time I turn around I there is another old ass doctor on TV or Pardon My Take using a bunch of words they certainly didn't cover in my quarter of community college. 

In my quest for knowledge I went in search of someone who could explain this Corona thing in terms that the common man could actually understand, and luckily for me (and America) I came across a Youtube video from a REAL doctor named Duc C. Vuong M.D who isn't afraid to tell it like it is. 

First things first, this guy is legit. You can tell cause at the beginning of the video he straight up shows you his diplomas, he's got 'em with him at all times. Have you ever seen Dr. Fauci's diplomas? 

Any questions?

Also, he lets you know right from the jump that he's a Surgeon and that He Can't Save You - it's says so right in the title of the video, so don't go crying to Dr. Duc if you catch Corona. These are the kind of HARD FACTS that Dr. Sanjay Gupta is afraid to tell you. 

Alright, let's get into the science. Now, i'm not an idiot, I knew Coronavirus has something to do with effecting peoples lungs (I think negatively), but it wasn't until I saw Dr. Duc breakdown how difficult it is to breath for people who contract the virus by using the universal analogy of your pimp holding your head underwater in a toilet that things really clicked for me. 

Imagine your head is under water, I always tell my patients this story. Like If your pimp is holding your head in the toilet, if your pimp is holding your head in the toilet, how long can you hold your breath for, right? Not very long, a minute and a half.

I defy you to find a more clear and simple explanation of it's like to get Coronavirus. See Dr. Duc's poetry in motion beginning at 10:42. 

Dr. Duc doesn't stop there, he goes on to ask the HARD QUESTIONS about how your life got to this analogy:

First of all why do you have a pimp? You kind of messed up your life.

 Then he makes you think:

Second if you have a pimp, god bless you. Sometimes you have to have a pimp in life, that’s fine, i'm not judging, but why you pissed off your pimp?



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