Watch FVV And DeRozan Tell The Story Of Kyle Lowry Refusing To Let The Raptors Practice By Taking The Ball And Sitting Criss Cross Apple Sauce At Midcourt

I don't know why but this image is fucking hilarious. Actually, I know why. It's because Kyle Lowry and his gigantic ass sitting criss cross apple sauce like a toddler is an A+ image. 

Especially when you have FVV dropping in the line that he was pretty much hung over. At least that's what you have to assume when he's talking about them going out in LA and saying that Lowry wasn't really in the mood to practice. I don't blame him. You're getting your ass kicked by the bench guys. You're probably hungover and tired. You're in no mood to put up with shit. 

I'll say this about the quarantine. Without any sports to watch, the NBA and players from the NBA consistently hopping on social media and just going back and forth has been perfect watches. Just quick, short stories like this that haven't been out before. Plus, there's no drug testing so maybe catch a bit of a high and hop on. I don't blame one single person doing this.