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The College Board Has Announced That AP Exams Will Now Be 45-Minute, Open Note, Take Home Tests (But Please Don't Cheat)

Alright all you whiny little high school kids that have been cluttering up my timeline with your viral complaints about just how unfair it is that your sports seasons and proms and such have been cancelled. Call me crazy, but not going to school for the next 6 months would've excited 18 year old Tate. I guess they're right.....times really have changed. But to everyone that is so sad that they get to sleep in every day and that can't see how school being cancelled could be looked at with a half full glass, here's a little treat for you.

The AP Tests are now TAKE HOME TESTS? Look, I don't know what the solution is right now in our current situation, seeing as you can't be within 6 to 8 feet of anyone unless you live in one of those hick states down south that still hasn't shut down for a quarantine yet. But I can tell you that a 45 minute take home test is a pretty damn fair deal for the kids. If my memory serves correctly, a 3 on the AP Test gets you college credit, right? And you can get up to a 5? Let me say this to the youth of America: if you don't get a 5 on this year's AP Test then you are a certified moron.

The take home test was the single greatest assessment used during my educational career. One person (the smartest) would take the test and everyone would then take turns copying down the answers. Automatic A for everyone involved. And nowadays, I'm sure it's become even more simplistic. You have FaceTime and Snapchat and all that jazz. You just need one nerd to take the test on Zoom and the entire world has all of the answers. 

I don't know if you have to take an AP class to be able to take an AP test, but every single student in America should be finding out that answer right now. This is free college credit here, folks. We're talking tens of thousands of dollars you can avoid having to pay if you just cheat your way through this AP exam. Who could complain about that???

There's the generation I've come to know and love. Everyone gets an easy 5 on the test and will save thousands, but since it's using less paper than originally planned, shouldn't we all get a partial refund on the registration fee?