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This Tweet About Mitchell Trubisky & Social Distancing Is Mean

Hey John...

Poor Mitchell was probably just trying to enjoy his quarantine and then hopped on Twitter to see that some guy with a black and white avatar is roasting him in March. I mean the tweet gave me the scaries so I couldn't imagine what it would've done to him. Just so many flashbacks to Taylor Gabriel running a 10 yard out only to see the ball fly over his head waaaay out of bounds.

BUT, I'm happy to say that I've now turned a positive leaf when it comes to the Bears. In my eyes when you're in the shit like we were last year it's fine and dandy to be negative and pissed off, but when there's a new season (hopefully) at your finger tips you should be finding ways to be hopeful. Because after all just being miserable all the time is no fun and will drive me into becoming a sour ass person and that's not me.

So here's to Mitchell & Nick Foles having the best damn QB competition of all time and turning it into a nice season for the Bears!!!

P.S. - I'd say Mitchell is actually doing just fine at the moment though...