Jay Glazer Says Dave Gettleman Presented A Plan To John Mara On How He Will Turn Around The Giants In One Year And If The Giants Suck Again, Gettleman Is #Done

The Athletic- Given how close it appeared Dave Gettleman was to being let go at the end of the season and John Mara’s comment about him needing to “Get his batting average up,” do you think he is still in the hot seat being that the Giants now have a young first-time head coach? If the Giants have another poor season, do you believe he ends up retiring to Cape Cod? — Dan R.

I don’t know if he’ll end up retiring but yeah, I think he was close this year. He made a case to ownership to come back. He presented a plan for how he’ll turn it around in a year. That needs to happen. If it doesn’t happen, he’ll be gone and rightfully so. If he doesn’t follow through, it’s time to go. I would hope that Gettleman has also learned a bit about himself and his interactions with people during this process. Anytime you’re on the hot seat, you have to look inside yourself and say, “What’s my responsibility in this?” and make changes.

I know some Giants fans are losing whatever marbles they had left after reading this report because throwing Gettleman out in the same trash bag as Pat Shurmur would've provided a hard reset of the franchise and given someone with more job security a shitload of cap space and a Top 5 pick. But that ship has sailed and Dave Gettleman is captaining the SS Big Blue next season for better or worse. Do the additions of James Bradberry, Blake Martinez, Nate Ebner, Dion Lewis, Askew-Henry Island, and whatever players the Giants draft along with the progress of the current roster put out the dumpster fire that's been roaring in East Rutherford for the last few years? Maybe, maybe not, maybe fuck yourself. 

But AT LEAST we know that it's sink or swim for Dave Gettleman and that Giants ownership isn't giving him essentially a lifetime contract because he is a child of the Giant Way. That has to be considered a win, right? As we learned with the Odell Beckham trade rumors last year, everything Jay Glazer says about the Giants should be taken as gospel until proven otherwise considering Jay broke into the biz as a Giants reporter and would never mislead us because nobody The Rock considers a friend could be a bad person. And I think even the biggest Gettleman hater can admit he's been pretty good in the draft while having both hits and misses while dealing with trades and free agency. 

In fact, I think there's a case to be made that considering the state the Giants were in when Jerry Reese was fired, if Gettleman didn't open his goddamn mouth, Giants fans wouldn't be looking to jump out of their windows every time they read his name. I'm not saying we would be throwing a parade for a 9-23 record for the last two season. But the perfect storm of having a GM that says idiotic shit and drafted a running back (who just may be the best running back in football fwiw) with the 2nd pick in a draft with plenty of other good players in it as well as trade down options because of the QB class is why the internet dunks on the Giants every time they can. If Gettleman hit on Danny Dimes as much as I hope he did and doesn't strike out in this offseason, there is at least a chance this team will start moving in the right direction. Add in the four computer folks Gettleman hired to bring the Giants into the 21st century and we just may be ready to cook with gas!

Orrrrr Gettleman will flop, almost definitely be sent to the unemployment line under the guise of retirement and the Giants will still have a relatively cap friendly future lined up along with Joe Judge. If only there was someone that would find a situation like that extremely enticing...

JK, none of this likely matters because Joe Judge is almost definitely the next great NFL coach and will have the Giants ready to compete for the playoffs despite having to implement a new system with a new coaching staff and a bunch of new players in an offseason that is almost definitely going to be significantly hampered by the coronavirus.