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The Latest News Out Of The Chinese Basketball Association Is Not Great!

(ESPN) - In a setback to the resumption of professional sports, the Chinese government issued an order Tuesday delaying the restart of the Chinese Basketball Association and other group sporting events, according to documents obtained by ESPN.

The CBA's attempts to return to action after being shut down since January because of the coronavirus is being seen as a test case for American sports leagues, especially the NBA in the future.

The General Administration of Sport, the body that issued the order, gave no timetable on when it plans to lift the new restriction. The CBA had been making plans to split its 20 teams and send them to two cities and have them play each other in empty arenas within a month, a plan the NBA might consider down the line.

CBA teams have been informing players that they still intend to return to play and hope to have more clarity in a few weeks, sources told ESPN's Jonathan Givony.

Well shit. We're all sort of in the same boat, basically just waiting and watching the CBA to see what they do in an effort to bring sports/basketball back and I have to admit, this is a speed bump. Remember, the goal was to start back up again in mid April, then that got pushed to May, and now who the hell knows. I think everyone is trying their best to hold onto whatever sliver of hope is left that sports will one day come back and current seasons will resume, but it's pretty clear we are nowhere close to that reality. Their idea of these quarantine cities/bubbles as a way to resume play was one of the best and most logical ideas we had, and now that's even been put on pause for the foreseeable future. That's some depressing shit man. Just when it looked like maybe, just maybe there was progress being made it's basically back to square one.

As it should be too. You can't have sport back until you can be 100000% sure it's safe, even if it's without fans. The pessimist in me wonders how sports will ever come back while there still isn't a vaccine for the rona. Honestly that might be our only option and who knows how long that takes. I just don't see how it's possible that you can guarantee every player, team employee, camera person, whatever is good to go. No way there are enough tests for that shit just so we can have sports again when there are other people in the country/world that need them. The last thing we need is a player/coach to test positive again once games start back up and then we're back to square one. It sucks to think about, but I truly think it's a legit possibility we don't get any sport of any kind until there is a vaccine readily available. 

Sorry to bring you down this morning, I know it stinks. So here's a nice long video of the best 50 point games of the 2019-20 season to make up for it because honestly this is all we're going to have for a while now.