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'Thought Big Boy Was About To Shaq Attack Your Countertop' - Shaq Is Turning His Kitchen Into The Hottest Quarantine Club In America

Now before anyone says anything, I know what you're thinking. Sausage fest. I get it. But then again, this is 100% going to be you before and after the quarantine, so don't throw stones yada, yada, yada. At this point? Fuck it. I wish I was an O'Neal kid. Constant entertainment during this time? Sign me up. Instead I'm dealing with not tripping over my kid as he crawls around and rewatching old Tournament games and Wrestlemenia.

You know what would be better? Asking my dad about the time he was IN Wrestlemania 

I'll tell you what. I appreciate this fella. He knows his role. The big boy of the four, he has to set the tone of going tarps off for the boys. You can't let Shareef be the one out here to blast some bare chest. You gotta be the first: 

Fucking ruthless yet hilarious comment

And if anyone knows anything about moshing/getting the crowd going it's Shaq. Remember that run he had last summer? 

I get that you probably have to be 'on' at all times at the Shaq house. You never know how nuts your dad is going to be that day. But sign me the fuck up for that right now. There's only so much MLB The Show you can play. There's only so much just sitting around and walking your dog you can do. I need entertainment soon.