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Wake Up With Thor Arriving In Wakanda

At this point, I'm just waking up with movies scenes to get the energy pumping since I can't keep slamming down comical sizes of coffee and Thor making his presence known in legendary fashion gets me more hyped than any moment in MCU history outside of the Avengers assembling in Endgame. No Avenger is cooler or more powerful than Thor when he's eating lightning and crapping thunder with his cool glowy eyes. Another way to say this in Mike Francesa speak is: When Thoah's struggling a bit, he's a nice Gawd. But when Thoah's Thoah, he's Babe Ruth.

That being said, he still should have gone for the fucking head.

Bonus Thor arrival in Wakanda except with his entrance theme from Ragnarok (Immigrant Song) playing in the background:

If anyone is looking for more Infinity War commentary or just wants to burn the day away in a different way, I hopped in the basement with Bob Fox to do commentary over maybe the best comic book movie ever.