Governor Cuomo Rips His Little Brother For Working One Hour Per Day From His Basement

I LOVE it. I could watch Brothers Cuomo fight all day long. It's so relatable. Just two brothers who have been bickering for their entire lives continuing it right on national television during a crisis. They only know how to talk to each other in one way and cameras and microphones can't change that. 

Somehow, someway, Chris Cuomo who is one of the most recognizable and successful news anchors in the country is the failure son. Just some little mamma's boy little bitch who hides in his basement "working" one hour per day while big brother Andrew is in the big boy chair saving the State as the Governor of New York. There's nothing Chris can even say to get the upper hand here. His only move, something he kinda snuck in there, is to just say "well you look like shit". Being better looking is Chris Cuomo's ace in the hole. Andrew doesn't give a fuck about pasta sauce. He doesn't care about Chris Cuomo's salary. As a brother who has a younger brother who is SIGNIFICANTLY better looking this is a major trump card. the's I love yous and it feels genuine. Great moment. Endearing. You could hate the Cuomos and love that exchange because everyone has had it. It's just at way lower stakes.