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John Mayer's David Geffen Tribute 'Drone Shot of My Yacht' Takes You Into the Evening

Note: This is cued the 14:00 mark and the intro to the song in question.

Credit where credit is due. When a record executive worth $8 billion brags on his Instagram about motoring around the world on his yacht that is the size and cost of a midtown office building, safe from Covid-19, some guys write blogs about it:

... and some guys write songs about it. And having never even attempted to write music, I imagine I could spend the month of April trying to come up with one and I couldn't come close to this jam that John Mayer pulled out of his crack in a matter of minutes. 

And you know, if I'm David Geffen, not only would I have not have locked my Instagram account like he did. I'd order my fourth assistant steward to download "Drone Shot of My Yacht," save it, and pipe it through the sound system of my super yacht on constant loop. Then I'd listen to it all day while I light Cubans with $100 bills and sip Hardy Cognac Privilege out of the navels of $10,000 a day prostitutes and laugh at the poors. I mean, what's the point of being a billionaire if you're going to hide from  a little public criticism from average nobodies. You might as well go Full Bond Villain and get the most out of life. 

But instead, I'm stuck indoors on another dreary day in late March, with no end in sight. In my next life I'm going to be a billionaire and I promise you I will be impossible to deal with.